Solar panel installation in Virginia - house

We’re hiring solar installers

Solar panel installation in Virginia - house
Solar panel installation in Virginia – house

We’re hiring solar installers. Ipsun Power’s team leaders can teach you “the ropes” – how to install solar. What we need from you is a can-do mindset and good physical health. It is hard work, but very rewarding when you turn the solar energy system on and you look back at a work well done.

Roles include:

  • Solar installation technician
  • Lead solar installer
  • Solar installation trainee
  • Electrical trainee

Every aspect of a solar installation requires careful attention:

  • Initial site survey, to verify soundness of roof and available space
  • Rooftop work, from getting racking in place to placing panels
  • Making connections and performing necessary checks

Ipsun Power is a safety-oriented workplace focusing on:

  • By-the-book technique and standards of conduct
  • Drug and alcohol free policy in the field
  • Potential to advance and take on greater responsibility for those who follow procedures
  • Adherence to stipulations client asks for and precision with regard to contract specifications

Now is a perfect time to get into the solar industry. Our country and world are relying on the people of our solar energy industry to deploy carbon-free power systems. Customers are asking for beneficial, valuable, high-level solar installations, and we’re expanding our team to construct these systems in a timely and professional manner.

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