We have had a very good experience with the guys from Ipsun Power. We have been looking to install solar panels for years now. As prices of these systems dropped a lot and the output has increased tremendously, we recently started an RFP for a solar system. We received several quotes for a system ranging from 11Kw to 25kW. Although they were not the cheapest, they were by far the most responsive, and through their personalized approach, we immediately had a good feeling with the guys from Ipsun Power. While other companies even tried to sell us solar panels on our north-faced roof, the engineer from Ipsun Power immediately found out that our roof was not suitable for solar panels and that our roof would have to be changed soon. Where others would have sold us the system and hammered us with additional costs during installation, the guys from Ipsun Power were upfront. Rare to found such an honest and ethical approach these days. Once our roof is changed, we will definitely go with Ipsun Power.