I first became aware of Ipsun when my Enphase Envoy suddenly quit on me and they happened to be the closest Enphase provider in my area (Washington DC Metro). They responded with lightening speed to send me a replacement and followed up to be sure I was able to install it with no problems.

At the end of December we had part of our roof torn off in a wind storm and had to have it quickly replaced. Ipsun to the rescue to have our existing system moved off the roof so that repairs could be done. So impressed with their work and feeling like a VIP client, I looked to them to expand on my system.

They innovated a solar awning to allowed for an additional 5 panels that beautifully integrated into our system. Not only did it add to our power production, it also works having a passive effect! I highly recommend Ipsun and if I had more room would absolutely have them expand even more on my system.