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excellent company
From the start Ipsun Power was great to work with. They did a survey of our property and made suggestions, each suggestion was backed with metrics to help us understand the impact of the system size that we were considering. They were VERY responsive in answering any questions that we had and when we needed time to think, they backed off and didn't pressure us.
The workers were very professional, clean and quick. My dog Peanut absolutely loved them which was actually cute as they would pet her over the gate each time they passed.

Everything about the experience was top notch and I would highly recommend them if you're considering solar.

Alicyn Drew Avatar
Alicyn Drew

First and foremost, they are THE BEST! I have a large home (over 8,000 square feet). Their pricing and their professionalism are far better than the competition. The system installation has completely met my expectations and exceeded. Everything went thoroughly smoothly, without a hitch. There have been absolutely NO maintenance issues since installation.

Honestly, I wouldn't waste my time with any other company.

Cheers and Blessings, Trish ~

Trish Corvelli Avatar
Trish Corvelli

We work with Ipsun Solar on a number of commercial solar projects and their experience speaks for itself. They have in house solar design, engineering, installation and solar monitoring services, and install everything from electric vehicle chargers to home energy monitoring. We highly recommend Ipsun Solar to homeowners and commercial building owners alike!

Julian Belilty Avatar
Julian Belilty

“Responsive, professional and top-notch.”

11/4/2020 - "We are very glad to have used Ipsun! From start to finish, the team was responsive, professional and top-notch.  Working with Elizabeth was terrific--she represents Ipsun wonderfully, and was a pleasure to work with.  Same can be said with all the other staff we engaged with.  Financing through the Clean Energy Credit Union was a huge reason why we were drawn to Ipsun. Also, we found their panels to be superior to other companies, namely higher productivity, and that they were flat to the roof (they also found a way to fit more panels on the roof too).  Entire process occurred during pandemic, and all staff safely followed social distancing, etc.  Would strongly recommend Ipsun." -Ben Kairn, Washington DC

Professionalism and attention to detail

10/7/20: Ipsun installed our system in July and the system was turned on last month. We were pleased with the professionalism of the installation team and their attention to detail. The panels are aesthetically pleasing, and I have had several positive comments from neighbors on their good looks. We are looking forward to reducing our utility bill and contributing to the health of our environment for generations to come.

Elden Breckenridge Dumfries, VA

Solar brought our electricity bill to zero for the last year.

7/8/20: The system that Ipsun Solar installed has brought our electricity bill to zero for the last year. Ipsun's customer service has been excellent. They kept us informed throughout the installation process and proactively reached out to inform us about Virginia's new SRECs.

Scott Urbom Falls Church, VA

I had a lot of questions and they were all answered in a timely manner.

7/22/20: Ipsun solar was a great company to work with, after many proposals I found Ipsun to be the best option for me. I had a lot of questions and they were all answered in a timely manner. I want to personally thank everyone at Ipsun including the hardworking guys that came to install the solar panels. The panels have been working great and I would recommend Ipsun solar to anyone who is thinking about going solar.

Brumel Rios Stafford, VA

I would highly recommend Ipsun for a solar install.

7/24/20: We had solar installed by Ipsun this past November and everything has been great. Everyone at the company is very friendly and responsive to needs and concerns. We had a few minor issues come up, such as a faulty panel from the manufacturer, and everything was resolved quickly. I would highly recommend Ipsun for a solar install.

Neil Patel Vienna, VA

They truly take great care of their customers.

7/17/20: We've had our system for almost a full year and have covered 92% of our energy needs and couldn't be happier with our system, our reduced carbon footprint, and Ipsun. Ipsun is an amazing company. They were very professional and courteous throughout the installation process and always quick to address any questions I had. They even returned promptly several months after installation to relocate a cable and recently proactively reached out to advise of a new solar credit available to us. They truly take great care of their customers. Prices were quite reasonable and the financing options were great. I can't say enough positive things about Ipsun. I highly recommend a no pressure consultation if you've ever pondered going solar.

Scott Foster McLean, VA

Now that is service!

4/15/20: My solar panels recently stopped producing power. I contacted Ipsun about it, on Easter weekend, in the middle of COVID-19. The maintenance department quickly took a look at my system remotely and determined that there was an issue with the inverter. They recommended a reset of the circuit breaker, which fixed the problem, and now the panels are producing again. Now that is service! Thanks again Ipsun!

Kevin Doty Lorton, Virginia

So very happy with the work! 

Thanks Ipsun Solar team!  The crew that came today was really great.  Dave did a great job of leading all the work.  I'm very happy with the way the panels look, was glad to see the specs/reviews on the JuiceBox and Dave was able to install that inside the garage while drilling a whole for the charger cable access to the driveway.  So very happy with the work!

Jon Rieske Springfield, VA

We unreservedly recommend Ipsun to anyone

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ipsun Power! Everyone we worked with was thoroughly professional. They did a great job of explaining each step in the process, from the initial evaluation and proposal, through the installation, all the way to flipping the switch. The actual installation was smooth and speedy, and the installers cleaned up after themselves so well that you couldn’t even tell they had been there. They sent us copies of all forms we would need to apply for the solar tax credit. The panels are working beautifully and already earning their keep! We may be a little obsessive about checking the website every day to see how much power the panels have generated! We would definitely use them again and would unreservedly recommend them to anyone.

Barbara Harris Fairfax, VA

Solar panels system review from Arlington VA

My solar panels system in Arlington, VA was just turned on. I’m really happy with the experience I had working with Ipsun Solar. I now have 26 panels on the side of the home and 15 on the back and it will be making a major impact on my Dominion bills. By financing the solar project, I get affordable monthly payments that are really easy to handle - Patrick explained exactly how that would work so it’s been a very clear process. The day the solar installers came went really well coordinating with their team was easy. Thanks Ipsun Solar for a great solar project.

Jahan Moghadam Arlington VA

Ipsun kept us well informed

We had a great experience with Ipsun Solar and highly recommend them. Ipsun put 11 panels on our roof. We didn’t know much about the details of solar technology and Ipsun patiently answered every question we had. Once we signed they efficiently took care of permitting and HOA approvals. One of our favorite parts was how well they kept us informed. We received an email update every Tuesday, so we knew how things were moving along. Installation day was wonderful. They showed up when they said they would, were respectful, were very kind and patient with a curious toddler, and cleaned up when they were done. We appreciated that all of the folks who were up on the roof wore safety harnesses. Something that impressed me was how prepared Ipsun was for the inspection process. The process to get the system turned on was also efficient. There is an app that we they give you that allows you to track your production. Ipsun Solar was great to work with.

Bonny Sheppard Fairfax, VA

Ipsun’s solar power installation was seamless

Ipsun's solar power installation was seamless. Very happy with the performance and aesthetic look of my Ipsun system.

John Appel

100% professional exactly how business should be done

Ipsun Solar is a fantastic company to do business with! I could not be happier, from the initial meeting with Patrick, to the survey meeting with Humza and finally today's installation. Everyone was 100% professional, extremely cooperative and communicative! This is exactly how business should be done. The entire process took three months from the initial meeting until installation. The CEO even got involved to help move the permitting process along! The crew arrived this morning at the crack of dawn and completed the installation in a little over eight hours.
Ipsun was even able to assist with very low cost financing which put us on the path to energy independence much quicker and cheaper than I ever anticipated. You can feel good about helping the planet and putting money back in your pocket. Most people think an install like this is too expensive. That couldn't be further from the truth. We are purchasing the system over time, making payments which are slightly less than our energy bill (not factoring in the inevitable increase in the cost of electricity). Thank you Ipsun Solar!!

Like a well oiled machine

Our experience with Ipsun was awesome!  From beginning to end the process flowed like a well oiled machine.  We found all levels of staff from sales, technical, installers and office to be totally client centered, helpful and professional.
We originally expected an installation time of two to three months.  Instead we were surprised that our system was installed, all permits and inspection completed, meter placed by Dominion and producing solar power in less than six weeks!
We are very pleased with the installation and our relationship to Ipsun.  They have been helpful with any followup questions as we go along.
We are  happy to recommend Ipsun to anyone considering a solar installation.

Aleta Embrey and Bill Larme Alexandria (Fairfax Co.)

Lots of clean energy at a good rate

My solar project was completed last October and has been running smoothly, providing lots of clean energy! Working with Ipsun was very easy, they handled all the permitting, HOA applications, and of course every aspect of design and installation. They have always been responsive to my questions, before and after job complete. I highly recommend this company, in addition to great service, they had the best rates I could find as well.

Sean D.

Superb partnership and explained everything

Ipsun has done fantastic work for me. Even if I am not a technical expert in solar energy, they took their time to explain everything clearly, answer all my questions, and it felt great to have such support before taking those big decisions. From start to end, superb partnership! I highly recommend them.

Nicholas K

Very helpful energy reporting client review

They explained to me in detail how solar works, even via integrative app function. I was able to see in real time how much energy that each household appliance consumes. Very helpful indeed! Thanks, Ipsun Power!

Sirena W.