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Real homeowners around our area of Metro Washington, DC go solar every day. So do businesses and non profits. For those who value a simple process and a capable team including installers and energy consultants under one roof, Ipsun Solar has the solar electric services you deserve.

These testimonials attest that we have the know-how to be your best partner on your grid-connected solar energy project. Check out our Guide to Going Solar for a primer.

    review rating 5  Straight shooters. My situation was unusual in that I wanted to replace an existing system while using components. And then when the utility capped the size of my proposed system, I fought back by filing a complaint. This added more than a half a year to the project, but Ipsun stuck with me. I researched my situation enough that at times I had something to teach Ipsun. But they always listened, never talking down to me. And when it came time to install they delivered as promised, on time.

    thumb David Roodman

    review rating 5  Ipsun was great with me. They helped me get the right product for my house in the right time at a reasonable rate. These guys set themselves apart by being ready to go the extra mile for their customers. You can also tell that Ipsun is in the business for the right reasons - to help customers unlock the potential to make money from clean energy rather than paying for old dirty energy. Highly recommend considering them for whatever project you've got.

    thumb Matthew Bearzotti

    review rating 5  We work with Ipsun Solar on a number of commercial solar projects and their experience speaks for itself. They have in house solar design, engineering, installation and solar monitoring services, and install everything from electric vehicle chargers to home energy monitoring. We highly recommend Ipsun Solar to homeowners and commercial building owners alike!

    thumb Julian Belilty

Testimonials from Ipsun Power Customers

Excellent company
From the start Ipsun Power was great to work with. They did a survey of our property and made suggestions, each suggestion was backed with metrics to help us understand the impact of the system size that we were considering. They were VERY responsive in answering any questions that we had and when we needed time to think, they backed off and didn’t pressure us.
The workers were very professional, clean and quick. My dog Peanut absolutely loved them which was actually cute as they would pet her over the gate each time they passed.

Everything about the experience was top notch and I would highly recommend them if you’re considering solar.

— Alicyn Drew, August 21, 2018

We have been very happy with our whole experience with Ipsun Power.  Ipsun installed 18 solar panels on our home’s newly replaced roof in the Tysons Corner area.  Their pricing was almost identical to the other company we looked at (Tesla), i.e., about $1,000 per panel installed (or ~$700 after the 30% tax credit).  So we decided between them on the basis of service.  At that point, Tesla had not yet absorbed SolarCity but was selling SolarCity panels and installation.  SolarCity had a lot of bad reviews online for workmanship and customer service.  Ipsun had great reviews, but very few of them, which was a different concern for us.  In the end, Ipsun’s founder, Herve Billiet, won us over with his honest, detail-oriented responses to our questions; he is an engineer by training, not a salesman.  At Tesla we had been working with a salesman who was very responsive and thoughtful but had no on-the-ground experience with solar panels.

As an example of what I mean:  Tesla’s salesperson drafted our project plan by using a Google satellite image of our home’s roof, and filling the roof area with little PhotoShop images of solar panels at the correct scale, as many of them as he could fit, to make the job size as big as possible.  By doing it this way, his “plan” accidentally covered one of our two chimneys with solar panels.  (He also put panels all over the north side of our roof, which gets much less light.)  Obviously Tesla would’ve fine-tuned the project plan after doing a site visit, but we felt nervous about whether the salesman and the site team would interface well, and whether we were being asked to agree to a project before the details were clear.  We also felt a pressure at Tesla to max out the project size.

On the other hand, Ipsun’s owner, Herve Billiet, initially gave us the same type of Google satellite-image pre-estimate, but he insisted on a site visit before going any further, and he did the site visit himself.  He ended up coming back multiple times, and answered a dozen detailed emails, before we would commit.  He used a tool that digitally modeled the height of our surrounding trees (because they block our sunlight, but only at certain hours and in certain seasons) and another tool that estimated how much sunlight each part of our roof got on every individual day of the year.  His estimate was based on an individual sunlight model of our specific home.  We even compared it to real-life daily photos at certain times of day.  *That* decided our panel placement.

Ipsun took care of all the permitting and the mandatory new utility meter from Dominion Energy (a digital meter that can operate in reverse, for those hours when you are sending power back to the grid).  Ipsun’s installation team was respectful and professional, and in the nine months since our initial install, Herve has responded quickly to the two issues that have come up.  Neither issue was Ipsun’s fault, more of a “user error” situation, yet on both occasions they sent a full team out to inspect the system.  Our Ipsun system also comes with a phone app that lets us track our solar production hourly, daily, weekly, etc, and lets Ipsun do monitoring from afar.  On a couple of occasions, they have proactively reached out to me to make sure everything was going okay.  (Once was to ask me to re-start the little app-monitoring device, which suggests that someone at Ipsun really is paying attention to all the data.)

We have been very happy with solar in general, and very happy with Ipsun in particular.  We ended up having Tesla install a separate piece of our system (two Powerwall home-backup batteries), and while those have been good products (with solid installation and a fantastic iPhone app), Tesla’s customer service has been erratic, and in a couple of cases downright weird, so I am doubly glad that we had Ipsun do our solar panel installation.

One last thing about solar in general, for anyone considering it:  sometimes you hear people say that the “new” solar panels these days will “pay for themselves in just a few years.”  That was not our expectation and it has not been our experience.  Our Ipsun system consists of 18 panels rated at 350 watts (= max output in full sun), so the total system rating is 6,300 watts (6.3 kilowatts).  Before we signed our contract, Ipsun gave us a month-by-month prediction of how much electricity (solar power) it would produce.  The estimate predicted about 200 kilowatt-hours in the whole month of January (worst month) and about 700 kwh in June (best month), for a yearly predicted total of 5,900 kwh.  Their estimate has so far been very accurate (slightly low).  Dominion Energy charges us about 12 cents per kwh for grid electricity, so this solar system that cost us about $12,600 after the tax credit ($18,000 – 30%) makes about $700 of “free” electricity per *year*, and thus will take 18 years to pay for itself at current electric rates.  Be aware — but we are very happy with our choice!

— Vienna F. July 23, 2018

Hey guys,

So I was planning on submitting all the documentation needed for the Fairfax County property tax exemption, but then I got a letter in the mail today from the county saying that it’s already gone through!  If you submitted that paperwork for me, thank you so much!

I love how well my panels are doing, even during this cloudy and rainy month.  I’ve already had several people in my neighborhood asking questions.  You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!

June 3, 2018

Ipsun Power was extremely responsive from initial contact all the way to the end. I hired the firm to provide my company with a comprehensive shade analysis for real estate development project in Washington DC. The turnaround time and the quality of the report was impressive. I will surely hire them again and refer them to others.

— Israel Olugbuyi, May 17, 2018

I have worked with Herve and have only positive things to say about our collaboration.  He provided a great deal of information about my solar carport, and was willing to help me from the very start.  Several other vendors would have nothing to do with an individual customer who wanted to do as much of the work himself as was possible.  He helped me get permission from Dominion, no small feat in itself, and advised me on what I needed specifically for my project.  You will be in excellent hands with his cooperation.

— A happy customer in Richmond, VA  April 24, 2017

I had a positive experience with Ipsun. During our first meeting, I worked with Herve to discuss solar installation options that could fit my needs. After the initial planning session, he sent me a portfolio of information that included the estimated costs, savings, and the environmental impact of several of the configurations we discussed. Herve was very responsive and provided detailed answers to my many questions. Although I am not yet ready to install solar, I felt like this was a great introduction to how I can utilize this technology and how to prepare for it. I will definitely contact Ipsun when the time is right and look forward to working with them in the future.

— Solar enthusiast in Arlington, Virginia, March 20,2017

Herve Billiet, the owner of Ipsun Power spent significant personal time with me to describe the squirrel damage, the potential roof leakage from the poor installation, and code violations. After discussion, he offered a very fair quote to address the problems and install screening to keep out the squirrels. His installation crew reworked the entire system in a timely and clearly competent manner. I was entirely satisfied – especially with their persistence in ensuring that the squirrel screening will be effective. My recommendations to anyone owning or considering a solar installation: (1) DO consider squirrel screening if there is any nearby population of squirrels (they are aggressive, persistent, and smart), and (2) confidently enlist Ipsun Power to be your installer/support contractor.

— Squirrel guard for a solar system in Reston, VA, March 19, 2017

We have had a very good experience with the guys from Ipsun Power. We have been looking to install solar panels for years now. As prices of these systems dropped a lot and the output has increased tremendously, we recently started an RFP for a solar system. We received several quotes for a system ranging from 11Kw to 25kW. Although they were not the cheapest, they were by far the most responsive, and through their personalized approach, we immediately had a good feeling with the guys from Ipsun Power. While other companies even tried to sell us solar panels on our north-faced roof, the engineer from Ipsun Power immediately found out that our roof was not suitable for solar panels and that our roof would have to be changed soon. Where others would have sold us the system and hammered us with additional costs during installation, the guys from Ipsun Power were upfront. Rare to found such an honest and ethical approach these days. Once our roof is changed, we will definitely go with Ipsun Power.

— Solar enthusiast in Leesburg, Virginia, February 24, 2017

Going solar means you are not only helping reduce harmful carbon emissions, but also supporting hundreds of thousands of American jobs and sparking economic growth in your community and across the country.

– Tom Kimbis, Solar Energy Industries Association, December 10, 2016

Ipsun Power is one of the most professional contractors we have worked with. All along the way, from the design phase to installation, they kept us informed and gave us a solar system that exactly suited our needs. We are extremely pleased with the service we received and Herve’s willingness to help us interconnect our new system. Herve and his team are consummate professionals and are very easy to work with.

— Dr. Olmstead, November 23, 2016