Solar with battery backup

Solar energy carries a ton of different kinds of benefits for customers who get it installed at their home. It’s easy to pursue solar power – but is it harder to try to store your solar?

You may have heard it can even provide a self-generated resource to get through a grid outage. Energy storage systems provide that kind of  backup.

We’ve all felt the stress that comes with seeing when extreme weather in the forecast. Here in the DC area, when the weather gang puts the call out for thunderstorms, hurricane remnants, tornado activity, or even just high winds, the threat of power outages is always real.

extreme weather_energy storage

With solar + storage, at least you can have peace of mind that important electric systems in your home will stay on:

    • Wifi router – stay connected.
    • Phones and laptops – be productive.
    • Refrigerator and coffee maker – keep life normal.
    • Fans and sump pump – be practical.
    • Lighting in essential spaces – stay safe.

When the lights on your street go out, battery storage lets you use your solar panels to avoid interruption and keep your home online. What about the rest of the time, when the grid is working? Energy storage also helps make the most of solar all year:

  • tesla powerwall in virginiaUse 24/7 your own renewable energy, instead of consuming grid energy from a mix of resources at night. If you’re aiming for net-zero or just minimizing utility power, you can send any surplus solar power produced during the day to your battery before sending any to the grid.
  • True self-sufficiency and energy autonomy
  • The same 30% federal tax credit that applies to solar now extends to battery backup system purchases for storing solar
  • No buying cans of fuel for a generator, or dealing with the noise and smell. While some models of battery can make some sound like beeps, switching sounds, and fan sound comparable to a running fridge, it’s nothing like a generator rumble and will typically be installed away from main living areas just to keep from the sound from bothering you
  • Products carry a warranty on the system and installation workmanship

Ready to look into the world of solar plus battery backup? Great product options await you. We’re happy to look at your needs and make an energy storage proposal.