Solar Panels in Fairfax

In Fairfax, Virginia, a thriving economy and common-sense attitude define a diverse community that shares a spirit of progress. More and more residents are incorporating solar panels in Fairfax for homes and businesses.

Ipsun Power VA solar panel installation

Go solar, Fairfax!

There are plenty of reasons to use this clean, renewable resource that’s now affordable and practical. Together, energy customers with solar homes are reducing the need for costly, polluting new conventional power plants. That’s saving fossil fuels from being burned, and advancing a sustainable future while helping Fairfax homeowners enjoy lower utility bills.

Consultations available for solar panels in Fairfax

Ready to see how it would work for your Fairfax home? Ipsun Power’s solar panel project consultations are free of charge and no-obligation, so how about it? With federal incentives declining after 2019 and helpful local programs active now, we encourage Fairfax residents not to delay. Explore your solar potential now!