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I had a good experience working with Ipsun. They seemed to me very knowledgable and professional in their field. Would definitely work with them on another project.

Andrew Zimdahl Avatar
Andrew Zimdahl

Straight shooters.
My situation was unusual in that I wanted to replace an existing system while using components. And then when the utility capped the size of my proposed system, I fought back by filing a complaint. This added more than a half a year to the project, but Ipsun stuck with me. I researched my situation enough that at times I had something to teach Ipsun. But they always listened, never talking down to me. And when it came time to install they delivered as promised, on time.

David Roodman Avatar
David Roodman

Ipsun Power has been a great company to work with. They answered all of my questions regarding purchasing a solar system, guiding me through the whole process. The install crew that came to my house was very professional, courteous, and definitely knew what they were doing. Even after the project was complete, they submitted all the paperwork needed for me to receive the Fairfax County tax exemption!

Also, Ipsun has a great website where all of my documents, pictures, project schedule, receipts, etc are all in one place, which is a great resource. Plus you get access to a phone app where you can monitor your solar panel performance in real time and trend it over the long term.

Overall, I have no regrets with choosing Ipsun Power!

Kevin Doty Avatar
Kevin Doty

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