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Ipsun Solar provides home battery storage solutions for the residential and the commercial market. Paired with solar, a system for storing energy can let you truly use your solar 24/7.

Storage solutions can meet a few different kinds of energy goals. The most common purpose for battery systems integrated with solar energy systems are:

  1. Backup Power: A grid-connected system that can be turned into an off-grid micro-grid when the utility grid is down. Responding quickly and automatically to outages, a battery storage system involves less noise than a generator and no expensive fuel or exhaust.

    For many utility customers, batteries add value for grid-connected solar
  2.  Arbitrage: Some utilities charge more for the energy you pay than they can pay you for your excess solar power at times when you’re using less than you’re producing. In this scenario, it makes sense to avoid “exporting” solar to the grid, so the customer can configure a backup battery system to store surplus solar power to use a later time – after all, it’s worth to you to use than it is to contribute to the grid if you can’t get retail rate for it!
  3. Time of Use: One can use a storage system to charge a battery system from the grid when electricity from the grid is cheap and use the power stored in the batteries when the price of electricity from the grid is high. Several localities require the power generated from a solar system to be used onsite. A battery system is then designed to store solar power generated during the day and consume it in the morning or the evening.

extreme weather_energy storage


There are many types of batteries on the market. These vary in both the chemicals they use (and their safety factor and weight related to their chemistry) and in the target applications they are used for, whether grid tied or off-grid.

Energy storage means taking full advantage of the solar energy system you love, throughout the day and year:

  • Rather than using utility energy from fossil fuel and nuclear sources part of the time, you can actually use your own solar virtually all the time. Looking to be 100% renewable? A battery is essential so you can store any surplus solar power and keep from sending any of that good solar energy to the grid.
  • True self-sufficiency and energy autonomy
  • Did you know that the 30% federal tax credit that solar has also covers battery backup systems used for storing solar? Now you know!
  • Skip the noise and smell of a generator. (Full disclosure: There are some models of battery that emit a beep or ping, make switching sounds, and have a fan running that makes a sound comparable to a running fridge. But honestly, we just place these away from your main living areas and it’s a lot better than a rumbling generator!)
  • Warranty on the system and installation labor

Solar plus battery backup is a proven match and we have electricians ready to take on your project.

Let our energy consultants walk you through some of the great products we have available and make up a free proposal for you.


Commercial battery energy systems are more complex than residential energy storage systems, so for commercial storage services, we recommend you talk to us directly:

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