Commercial Solar

Increase your property value + decrease your utility bill with a solar installation.

Why is a solar installation desirable? It’s going to lower your operating cost by directly reducing the amount of utility energy your facility uses. That’s far from the only upside of investing in solar for your business, and we are happy to take the time to help you understand all the benefits of going solar.

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Typical Project Structure

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It Starts with Solar Panels

Solar panels can be placed on your roof (or can be placed on the ground near the building) ideally facing close to south for the best results. The solar panels are made up of cells that collect sunlight to make DC (direct current) electricity.

It is important that the panels have access to light. We’ll determine if there are any trees or structures that impede full exposure. We do this virtually using 3D modeling software.

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Inverters then take the DC electricity from the panels and convert it into the AC (alternating current) electricity, which your home’s appliances use. The inverters are tied directly to your electrical panel to power your home. Your inverter has internet connectivity and will tell you exactly how much power is being produced by your solar array using a solar data collection and monitoring system.

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Utility Meter

Instead of your normal electric usage meter your electricity provider will issue you a new net meter. If you are generating more electricity than you use, the surplus electricity flows through the meter back to the grid as a credit on your account, which shows on your next bill – and that energy is used in your neighborhood to meet other homes’ energy demand. The meter will also spin backward when you produce more than you consume, reducing your utility bills.

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Power Bill

As your system begins to produce its own solar power, you will rely less and less on the electricity provided from your local utility company. That will result a substantial decrease in your monthly power bills.