The Enphase Battery System Streamlines Your Solar + Storage Experience

As a certified Enphase Storage installer, we offer a 10-year equipment warranty and a one-year labor warranty. We believe in this battery system because it offers unique capabilities that other batteries cannot. The seamless inverter/storage package creates a reliable, integrated experience for homeowners. The varied sizing allows you to start small and size up as needed, or create a system that covers any power needs that come your way. And the Enphase Enlighten app allows you to monitor your usage and get a great overview of your entire system at any moment.

enphase battery home image

Here’s why we’re big fans of the Enphase Encharge battery system:

  • Enphase Encharge batteries are modular, so we can better size the system to meet your needs.
  • There are the same Enphase microinverters in the battery as there are on your solar panels, so there is no one point of failure in this fully integrated system. It’s like having a backup for your backup.
  • Enphase Encharge is not flammable like other batteries can be. It’s made with lithium-iron phosphate technology, so you can install it inside or outside your home and rest assured that it is safe.
  • It’s easy to control your battery mode within the same Enphase Enlighten app that you use to monitor your solar production.
  • We can install “dry contactors” on larger electrical loads, so you can control them remotely and keep your battery from draining quickly.

In fact, we like the Encharge battery system so much we installed them in our own homes!

Check out our VP’s system, below. He chose to have it inside and on display in his DC home.