Solar PV in Fairfax VA

3kW solar PV in Fairfax with EV charger

  • Solar System Type: Billiet Family
  • Solar Panel: 55
  • Inverter:
  • Location: Fairfax, VA
  • Year Complete: 2016
  • Supervising Engineer: Herve Billiet

3kW solar PV system for residential townhouse use. The solar PV will produce 62% of the electricity need of the family (3,957kWhr/year). The project also include an electric car charger

Consumer’s Wishes

The idea was to reduce the carbon footprint of the house. After reducing the household energy consumption by installing a new gas water heater, more efficient appliances (fridge, washing machine), and attic insulation, it was time to work on the energy generation part of the equation.

The process

It was easy to work through the permitting and the design process.