Ipsun Policy Initiatives in DC

Ipsun Solar’s mission is to fight climate change. To that end, we have been working to help shape solar policy since the company’s beginning. Policy advances help mitigate the climate crisis by allowing individuals to more easily install solar on their homes and businesses.

To better serve our customers and to ensure a livable future the next generation, Ipsun is committed to joining the policy debate in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. as well as on a Federal level.

Washington DC Policy

Below are the specific goals Ipsun would like to see realized:

  1. Raise the limit on a customer’s permissible net-metered solar installation size from 100% of their previous 12 months’ demand to 150% of their previous 12 months’ demand.

Testimonials, News and Policy involvement

The associations Ipsun works with:

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Ipsun People Involved in Policy Work

Al Ipsun Senior Advisor for Governmental and Legal Affairs

Al Larsen

Bobby Monacella Marketing

Bobby Monacella

Hannah Wiegard

Hannah Wiegard