News from Our Amicus member solar companies

  • Amicus Solar Cooperative is About Community
    Giving back to the community is one of the most important things we as people can do. It is the community that supports us, whether it is your place of worship, your neighborhood, your workplace or your local shopping center. It is these collections of people, or communities, that nurture ... read more
    Source: AmicusPublished on 2016-11-28By Cathy Cooley
  • Save Energy and Lower Your Electric Bill
    The fact is that we, as ratepayers, provide the funding for FirstEnergy’s residential programs. If we are supporting these programs, let us also be sure to use them to our advantage. Several worthwhile rebate programs are available to FirstEnergy customers in Pennsylvania. Below you can find a description of the ... read more
    Source: EnvinityPublished on 2016-09-30By Envinity
  • Amicus Solar Awarded U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Funding to Create New O&M Cooperative
    New cooperative will make commercial- and utility-scale operations and maintenance (O&M) services more streamlined, more consistent, and more cost-effective for the solar industry  (Las Vegas, NV – September 13, 2016) – Amicus Solar Cooperative, a member-owned purchasing cooperative, announced today that is has been awarded $358k from the U.S. Department ... read more
    Source: AmicusPublished on 2016-09-19By Cathy Cooley
  • Top 12 Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler in Long Beach
    How to Save on Your Electricity Bill NOW This August was a very warm month for California. Did you know that it was the hottest August Earth has ever recorded? These hot months unfortunately contribute to much higher electricity bills. Luckily, having gone solar, hot days don’t have as drastic an effect. ... read more
    Source: AmecoPublished on 2016-08-30By Ameco Solar
  • Envinity Employee Brian Henderson Publishes Opinion Piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Envinity employee Brian Henderson publishes an opinion piece on the clean power plan in Pittsburgh’s Post Gazette. Brian Henderson, Manager of Renovation and Energy Services at Envinity, recently published an Op-Ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. With August marking the 1 year anniversary of the Clean Power Plan, Brian discusses the ... read more
    Source: EnvinityPublished on 2016-08-19By Envinity
  • Creative Energies Recognized for Providing Jobs and Clean Energy in Utah
    July 27, 2016
    Creative Energies top solar company 2016Creative Energies Recognized for Providing Jobs and Clean Energy in Utah The Solar Power World Top 500 Solar Contractors List includes Salt Lake City – based solar firm, which employs 20 local professionals SALT LAKE CITY – Solar power is ... read more
    Source: Creative EnergiesPublished on 2016-07-27By CE Solar
  • Member Focus: Sun Light & Power
    At Amicus Solar Cooperative, it is our members that make us special. With an average of 15 years in the solar industry, our members are invested in the long-term, with the mission of solving climate change through renewable energy sources. Sun Light & Power is a long-standing member of the ... read more
    Source: AmicusPublished on 2016-06-09By Cathy Cooley
  • Member Focus: Aegis Renewable Energy
    Amicus Solar Cooperative member-owners believe in the mission of spreading renewable energy. They stand for quality, emphasizing customer service and long lasting solar installations. Aegis Renewable Energy, one of Amicus Solar Cooperative’s 38 member-owners, is a family-owned business located in Vermont. They pride themselves on superior customer service, integrity and ... read more
    Source: AmicusPublished on 2016-05-03By Cathy Cooley
  • Breaking News – PG&E Extends Residential Time of Use Rates E-6 and E-7 End Date to May 3, 2016
    Breaking News – Today PG&E filed a letter with the CPUC extending the date it is closing E-6 to new customers from March 1, 2016 to May 3, 2016. In the same letter, PG&E extended the date it is terminating E-7 from March 1, 2016 to May 3, 2016. ... read more
    Source: LuminaltPublished on 2016-02-23By Jeanine
  • 2015 Solar Tax Credit Documents
    The federal government offers a 30% income tax credit to solar system owners. Luminalt is pleased to provide you with the information. The link below will take you to: The tax form you or your tax adviser will need to complete and attach to your return The manufacturer certificates the ... read more
    Source: LuminaltPublished on 2016-02-01By Jeanine
  • Have Solar? Getting Solar? PG&E Residential Rate Changes – What You Need to Do Before February 2016 Ends
    If you have a solar system on your home or you want to install a solar system on your home, take action before the end of February 2016 to make sure you are on the best rate schedule. PG&E is making big changes to its residential time of use (“TOU”) ... read more
    Source: LuminaltPublished on 2016-01-27By Jeanine
  • Leisure World in Seal Beach is Going Solar!
    Over the past two years we have been helping the residents at Leisure World save money with solar energy. We have worked with many Mutuals in Leisure World and have made this video to highlight our work with Mutual 6 in Seal Beach, California. Mutual 6 has been mostly ... read more
    Source: AmecoPublished on 2016-01-21By Ameco Solar
  • The Power of Solar Energy Infographic
    Source: AmecoPublished on 2015-12-03By Steve Portnoy
  • PG&E Residential Time of Use Rates Changes Coming
    “Upon the first day that Schedule E-TOU-A and E-TOU-B become available for enrollment in 2016, Schedule E-6 shall be closed to new customers.” – PG&E Settlement Agreement in A.13-04-014 adopted last week by the CPUC. PG&E will be ending its solar friendly E-6 and E-7 time of use (“TOU”) rate ... read more
    Source: LuminaltPublished on 2015-11-11By Jeanine
  • PG&E Minimum Bill Increase to $10
    PG&E is sending a letter to residential solar customers that it has increased the minimum bill charge to $10 effective September 1, 2015. This change impacts every residential customer that receives electricity from PG&E, but is most noticeable to solar customers many of whom have been paying a $4.50 a ... read more
    Source: LuminaltPublished on 2015-09-15By Jeanine
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