For answers to all your questions about the cost, benefits, and value of going solar, refer to these FAQs and see how simple it is to convert the dollars you’d pay anyway for utility energy into an investment in clean, self-generated solar power.

What is your payment structure?

Answer: 65% upfront, 35% at completion. Our contract is standard, easy to understand, and allows you to a choice of payment options. You can either pay: 65% upfront at contract signing, and 35% at completion of installation or: 25% at contract signing, 50% at equipment order, 15% at completion of installation, and 10% at final interconnection. [...]

Do you offer financing

Answer: Yes, multiple options. We work with several banks that provide loan financing with competitive terms. We also partner with companies that can help you defray the upfront cost of a solar system by purchasing your Renewable Energy Credits upfront when you purchase a system. In some jurisdictions, you can pay for upwards of 80% [...]

Should I buy or lease my solar system?

The decision to buy or lease depends largely on your personal preference. Each option provides differing benefits for short-term and long-term savings. Tax benefits, credit score and financial position are also important factors in determining which option works best for your situation and needs. Your solar assessment specialist will be able to better explain the [...]

What kind of tax benefits are there for solar?

The tax benefits differ per state, but one of the biggest benefits is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which has been significant in the support for solar growth nationwide. The ITC is worth 30% of the system’s cost and can be claimed by the system’s owner. This credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the [...]

Where do I find my electric bill?

Answer: Check out our tutorial Dominion – Tutorial to find your electric bill Do you get paper bills in the mail? Scan it or take a picture with your phone and email or text it to your solar consultation representative Pepco – Tutorial to find your electric bill Do you get paper bills in the mail? [...]

What is the average price of a solar array?

Answer: $3-$4/Watt The cost for a customer to purchase a solar array is generally measured as a price per Watt, which represents the full cost of an installation including design, permitting, materials, and labor. We offer systems in the range of $2.50-$4.00/Watt depending on your specific situation. That means an average system size of 5 [...]

Aren’t solar power systems expensive?

Not anymore, and not with Ipsun Solar. We make solar accessible to everyone regardless of income. But now, with advances in technology and the growth of the industry, as well as with with state and federal incentives and innovative financing programs, solar is not only a much more affordable energy option, it actually pays for itself [...]

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