Divorce your Utility, go solar!

Tax Credit 30%

They say breaking up is hard to do. Well, once you find a solar installer that works in your area, it’s actually pretty easy to quit relying on your electric utility for all your power. Solar lets you turn the tables.

Electric companies in our area any for the most part regulated monopolies. One company serves your location, without a competitor. Without solar, customers depend entirely on the power company and don’t have much of say about the energy sources they get – power plants that burn coal or gas, nuclear plants, wind energy – and aren’t in a position to say, “Give me 100% renewable energy.”

Your power can belong to you with solar. Whatever the future brings – rising electric rates, spiking natural gas prices, etc – your solar investment helps you save cost. And there’s no better time: Take advantage of the current 30% tax credit before it expires. Read on and learn how easy it is to make a change.

Coverage of household’s power needs 70%

Our average installation generates about 70% of a household’s power needs. Many of our clients cover 100% of their needs with solar!



Guide to the solar installation process

guide to the solar process

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