Solar on CROSSFIT Gym in Washington, DC

We installed solar panels on the roof of a CrossFit gym in Washington D.C., the CrossFit DC Northeast! Installed in September of 2017, this solar project has proven beneficial for the owner and stands to remain a powerful sustainable asset over its lifetime:

    • It’s saving the owner hundreds of dollars annually in utility electricity bills – solar now supplies about half of the gym’s energy needs
    • Over the 25-year warranty of the solar panels, the system is projected to reduce climate change pollution by the same amount as planting 7,000 trees in the U.S.
    • Thanks to a federal tax credit for 30% of the cost of the full solar installation, the economics of the project were even more favorable. This tax credit is still available throughout 2019!

Here’s more detail on CrossFit DC’s solar story.

Take a look at the data output from the solar system – this is real production details showing that solar works at this location and is actively reducing energy costs and reliance on grid energy at this location, and helping a D.C. business move into a clean energy future.