Clean Energy Credit Union

Clean Energy Federal Credit Union

Our partnership with Clean Energy Credit Union allows us to offer the best loan rates you’ll find in the DMV.

Clean Energy Credit Union is a revolutionary new institution that offers customized loans specifically tailored to clean energy products and services. They’re dedicated to helping people fund their green projects, lower their utility bills and live more sustainably.

By using Clean Energy Credit Union you’re not only getting these benefits, but you’re also doing good in the world. You’re participating in a system that mitigates climate change, spreads the use of renewable energy by helping other people pursue their renewable energy projects, and is working to help similar institutions become more focused on these types of loans. What could be better than saving money and saving the planet?

Unlike a traditional bank or credit union, Clean Energy Credit Union offers these benefits:

  • Clean Energy Credit Union is unique because they only offer loans for green projects and expenses, including solar electric systems, electric vehicles, insulation, weatherproofing, net zero energy homes, geothermal heat pumps, and electric-assist bicycles.
  • Loans are solar-specific. You can even choose a solar “combo loan,” with a 12-18 month loan to cover your Federal tax credit, plus a 12– or 15–year fixed rate loan on the remaining portion of your solar electric system cost.
  • Short term loans are as low as 0% down and longer term rates are as low as 2.99%.
  • Collateral on the loan is the solar equipment itself, not your home as in a traditional loan.
  • Because Ipsun is the only regional partner with Clean Energy Credit Union, we are able to provide the very best rates you can find in our area.