Benefits of having a Solar Energy System for your Business

There are many benefits of having a solar energy system for your company.

Financial benefits of a solar energy system:

  1. Generating your own electricity will reduce your utility cost
  2. 30% Federal tax credit for the entire solar energy project will reduce your tax liability to the U.S. government
  3. Marketing benefits of showing your customers not only that you care about sustainability, but that you also search for the cheapest ways to pay for power and thus lower your overhead and provide added value to your customers
  4. Some jurisdictions have something called SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Credits). Other people call it Green Certificates or bragging rights for the clean power. Depending on where your solar energy is located, these SRECS can be worth 3 times more than your electricity price.

Overview of different financial models to pay for your solar panels

  1. Own a solar system
  2. Lease a solar system
  3. PPA – Power Purchase Agreement
  4. CPACE program to go solar

Different jurisdictions have different rules and incentives to go solar. Where are you located?


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