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Going solar is simple in concept and a little complex in practice. You need a solar installation partner who can help you be at ease with the process while taking on the particulars of your solar project. When it comes to retrofitting buildings with solar, every home is unique. Take this home in Falls Church, Virginia as an example!

The young couple in this home had always wanted solar. As soon as they bought a house and moved in, they started talking with Ipsun about their solar potential.

With a large usable side roof facing south and a somewhat high electric bill – reaching $200 a month in summer – they fit the basic requirements for solar eligibility. The panels need to face as near south as possible with nothing blocking the sun and the utility company needs to know that the customer has enough energy demand to justify a solar energy installation to offset their use.

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In the initial conversations with Ipsun Power solar consultants, there are a few questions that homeowners are required to answer:

  • Estimated roof age
  • Approximate utility bills (copies of 12 months of bills is even better!)
  • Info about electrical panel
  • Basic questions about future plans – how long they intend to stay in the house, expected funding method for a solar purchase, and energy-using devices they plan to add in coming years (electrical car for example)
  • Whether there’s a Homeowners Association for the area with solar rules
  • Whether there’s a historic designation to comply with
  • Make a plan for technician to come conduct interior and exterior solar site survey to confirm structural and electrical qualifications are good
  • If any trees are obscuring the sun, make arrangements to cut them down if necessary – this small maple is getting removed to allow this solar project in Falls Church to get the most solar energy possible, and the homeowners get to keep the wood for their fireplace!

As your solar project moves forward, it will follow these steps. Sometimes interesting quirks come up, and the trained and experienced solar pros will handle them with you and keep you informed weekly with updates via their customer portal. From beginning to end, until your solar energy system is online and producing power for you and beyond, your solar energy pros aren’t finished unless you’re all set with a clear understanding of your solar and a system performing according to your  expectations.

Once you’re happily using solar energy, pay it forward and be a solar ambassador to friends, neighbors, colleagues and other community members – even churches, businesses, and schools can go solar now! Keep the movement growing. Sustainable energy is at your fingertips, and getting started is easy.

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